Family Vacation

It’s been a long while since I last posted – but it was simply a matter of necessity. John and I joined Scott, Corri, Wyatt and Rhett on a family trip. We travelled in a van, and since space was limited – my computer went into my suitcase in hotel storage.
Our excursion began with a flight from Palm Springs to Las Vegas during a windstorm. It was a tiny turbo-prop plane – with 15 passengers. There was talk around the airport that flights could be cancelled if there was sand blowing. As we boarded the plane – the lone stewardess warned everyone that it was going to be a rough flight – and our seat belts needed to be fastened tightly. Severe turbulence does not describe this flight – it was a bone-jarring roller-coaster experience. I am generally a pretty calm flyer, but on this flight – I had my vomit bag at the ready.
But things got better from there – we met the McAuleys and headed to destination #1 DISNEYLAND.
wyatt & rhett

Happiest Place on Earth – we had a wonderful time. It was great to see how excited the boys were. The hotel we stayed at, was directly across the street from the Parks – so we could walk back and forth if anyone needed a break. Wait times for all the rides were not too bad.
california 045
We all dressed up for Halloween – and had a blast. (Our costume theme was the movie Hotel Transylvania).
group halloween2
california 053

From Anaheim, we drove south to Carlsbad to stay in the LEGOLAND Hotel – very cool. Our rooms were pirate-themed – and the boys each got a map at check-in. They had to solve clues to get the combination to unlock the treasure chest in the rooms to acquire the treasure. The pool area was a huge hit – with large floating LEGO pieces. The fire alarm going off at 4 am might have dampened our spirits slightly – but not the 2000 kids in pajamas standing on the front lawn.


It was our plan to get on the road early anyway – next stop was San Jose California to attend a Sharks hockey game. Rhett and Wyatt are SJ Shark fans, and were very excited to see the Shark Tank. In true fan spirit, we all wore our shark attire.

Highlight of the game was during intermissions: Rhett & Wyatt’s names were shown on the scoreboard, and then the SJ mascot SHARKIE visited the boys in their seats, giving them all kinds of souvenirs. Very cool. Unfortunately the Sharks lost to Phoenix Coyotes in an over-time shoot out.



We hadn’t planned anything for the day after the hockey game, so John’s sister Ann suggested that we may want to take a drive to Santa Cruz. The weather was perfect for a day at the beach – and the boys loved playing in the ocean. We had lunch on the Wharf – and enjoyed not doing anything.

california 154

california 152


california 173

That night, everyone was really tired after the day of sun & surf. Wyatt and Rhett decided to sleep in our room, which wasn’t a problem – I sleep with earplugs so I wasn’t worried about any noise. That is until John shook me awake at 5 am saying that “Rhett is gone”! What the hell? – where could a 6-year-old go? I got up and checked in the bathroom, under the bed, and then pulled the blankets off the bed – waking up Wyatt to see if he knew where Rhett was? Since I tend to be a bit anxious, I was imaging a kidnapping situation – no doubt that a cute blond child would be in high demand for human-trafficers. I rushed next door to Scott & Corri’s room – (not registering the oddity that their door was open) – to tell them Rhett was missing. Corri reassured me that he was okay – he had a nightmare, and decided to go back to his parent’s room, not bothering to wake either of us up. No going back to sleep after that drama, even poor Wyatt was wide-awake since “Auntie Laurie lost Rhett”.

Final stop of the trip was back to Las Vegas. The boys were excited to see the city. Corri & I took them to see THE BLUE MAN GROUP. It was extremely entertaining. After the show, the boys were marked by one of the Blue Men, and got a picture with the band.

bmg band

John and I had a wonderful time – and feel very fortunate that we were able to spend this time with our nephews. We know that kids grow up in the blink of an eye – which is why it is so important to take every opportunity to make memories. This was a trip to remember!


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