DIVERGENCE (trilogy) – book review

book 1 – Divergent
book 2 – Insurgent
book 3 – Allegiant

Written by: Veronica Roth


The Divergent trilogy is series of books set in futuristic America. Think the Hunger Games written by M. Night Shyamalan (The Village). Society is divided into factions – and each faction represents a particular human trait: honesty, intelligence, selflessness, peacefulness, bravery. When they turn 16, there is a ceremony where each teenager must choose which faction they will live within. The novels center around Beatrice Prior and the life she chooses. We learn that people are not genetically predisposed to fitting within one virtue of humanity. Also, we sometimes have to be brave enough to venture outside the fence of our own comfort zone.

These books were an entertaining read – I did have issues with some of the character developments(ex: Evelyn), but I appreciated the way the way the author wrote the final book from both Tris and Four’s perspectives. Ending was unexpected.

Read the novels before you see the movie – to be released March 2014


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