Airport & Airplane Etiquette

So John and I are still travelling. My nephew Rhett clarified for everyone that we are HOBOS – we have no home, and we travel from place to place, carrying our belongings with us. Very accurate.

We have been through many airports and can no longer count the number of airplanes that we’ve flown on. I have pretty much seen it all. Below are some helpful flying tips:

Flight Attire

– By now, it should be common knowledge that passengers between the ages of 2 and 75 are required to remove their shoes when clearing security. Think about this when choosing your fashionable footwear. If your boots took you 15 minutes to lace-up at home, they will undoubtably take that long at the airport. If you have to wear boots – choose UGGs.

– Ensure that all your liquids are packed in your checked bag. If you plan to have them in your carry-on: put them all in a plastic bag. Trying to locate and organize your shampoo, conditioner, make-up and contact solution should be done at home – not in the security line.

– Tights are NOT PANTS. Tights were made to wear UNDER other clothing such as skirts or a long tunic. This rule is for everyday, everywhere and everyone.

– Pajamas are not appropriate for travel. I know they are comfortable, but please just pull on a pair of sweatpants if you must.

– I am sure you want to look wonderful for whomever is meeting you at the arrival gate, and I can appreciate that. Regardless, mini-skirts and skimpy shorts should be worn cautiously. Let’s be honest, for many women – these are not the most flattering articles of clothing. Not sexy – just skanky. Worse though is that other passengers have to endure you picking and pulling as your garment rides up mid-flight. It’s uncomfortable for everyone.

OnBoard Manners

– Airlines are putting more seats on each plane, reducing personal space of all passengers. There has not been an increase in on-board stowage space. A good rule of thumb is that if the bag is too big/heavy for you to lift into the overhead compartment – check it.

– Meals on planes are becoming a thing of the past. The options for purchase on board are limited and expensive, so more passengers are bringing their own food with them. Totally understandable, as long as there is consideration for your seat mates.
No: eggs, salami, blue cheese, fish, seafood, garlic or curry.

– Travelling with children is always a challenge. I know because I have been there. But as the parent, it is your responsibility to control your child. Worst seat on the plane is in front of a seat-kicker!

– Change in cabin pressure, unfamiliar surroundings,and jet lag can all affect your baby or toddler. I understand that, and feel for the little one. What I dislike is the disgusted stare I get from the screaming child’s parent when I put in my earplugs. You might have to tolerate the noise, but I don’t.

– I am not sure who invented the double side-by-side stroller, but that person should be shot! There is no aisle, corridor, sidewalk, elevator or door frame that is wide enough to accommodate these strollers. These extra wide monstrosities seem difficult to maneuver – even down a straight away, resulting in clipping the shins and crushing the toes of innocent bystanders. Leave it at home!

– Seldom do you ever get the entire row to yourself on a flight, which means seat mates. Don’t be a chatterbox, and try to keep your belongings within your allotted personal space. If you have a tiny bladder – book an aisle seat.

Finally – be respectful of the flight attendants! They have a tough job. They aren’t waitresses, babysitters, counsellors, or maids.


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