Excuses, Excuses

I haven’t posted anything for a while AGAIN, and I’ve been trying to come up with a riveting but plausible reason why AGAIN!
I’ve already played the “my computer was broken/missing/stolen” cards, and I am sure not anyone will fall for the trusty old stand-by “we didn’t have Internet” line again. Truth be told – I have just been lazy: but how typical(of me) and boring is that?
Which got me thinking – I can’t be the only person who struggles for excuses. What about everyone who shows up late for work, or students who forget to do assignments, or the woman who forgot to cook supper because she was on Pinterest all day (sorry about that)? There has to be a simple way for people like us to quickly invent believable but interesting excuses, and there is!
I present The Excuse Creator:

You just choose an applicable lead-in, a perpetrator, and a delaying factor – ONE FROM EACH COLUMN. And there you have it – a credible excuse for every situation.

I couldn’t be more apologetic for not blogging lately, but a triceratops named Penelope spin-kicked me in the collar bone.

I knew you would understand.


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