David and Goliath – book review

If there was one person in the world that you could spend the day with – who would it be?
No thought required on this one for me: Malcolm Gladwell – a journalist and author who writes about events that can be reflected back on societal regularities. His work has had an immeasurable influence on my professional life.
Gladwell’s most recent book is David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and Art of Battling Giants. In this work, Gladwell explores how underdogs and those with “desirable difficulties” can survive, thrive and succeed. Gladwell explains his theory of how David conquered Goliath, and all the different factors that came into play.
He makes readers question what they think they know, and look at situations in whole new light.
gladwell - david & goliath

In fact, the whole repertoire of Gladwell’s books do this. I highly recommend all of them.
The Tipping Point
What the Dog Saw
David and Goliath

If you still are not sure that Malcolm Gladwell might just be the most insightful person alive, click HERE to read some quotes from his work.


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