TILA – Welcome to Mexico

Kaitlyn’s winter break has begun, and so she has flown down to Puerto Vallarta to spend Christmas with us. And of course, TILA has accompanied her.
This is the first experience any of our family has had travelling with a pet.
First off, you need to make your booking directly with the airline. There is a limit to how many pets are allowed in the cabin for each flight. There is a fee for taking your pet on the plane ($50 each way for flight to Puerto Vallarta) – which is slightly annoying considering passengers travelling with infants and toddlers aren’t charged anything.
The airlines all have specifications about the size of the pet carrier – make sure it says airline approved – and this counts as one of your carry-on items.
Katy purchased a package called pet-passport – it provided the necessary forms required to bring TILA to Mexico. She had to take the inoculation record and health form to TILA’s vet to be completed, in duplicate. Then she had to take the vet forms to a CFIA office, and get a certification form signed (important to note that all forms must be completed on LEGAL PAPER or the CFIA agent won’t sign them).
Upon arrival in Puerto Vallarta, Katy took TILA and the documents to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Office before proceeding through customs. The Mexican officer there screened TILA’s records and did a quick physical inspection. Took approximately 20 minutes, and all was good.
TILA was cleared to enter the national home of the Chihuahua! She loves the warm tropical weather!

Luckily she packed her summer wardrobe to be out in the sun.


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