Gracias, Merci, Danke, Xie Xie, Thank You

With the holiday season coming to a close, I thought it was perfect timing to post about something near and dear to my heart – Thank You cards!
It’s a dying art in the age of Internet, texting and instant messaging. Which is unfortunate because sending a thank you note is such an easy way to recognize the importance of what someone has done for you or given to you.
It drives me crazy when I send a gift to someone and I don’t receive some kind of Thank You note in response – on the basic premise of knowing the recipient actually received the present, not to mention that they appreciated my gesture.
One of Dale Carnegie’s fundamental human relation principles is “Give honest, sincere appreciation.”
I always try to send thank you cards out, and even have a pack with me while we are travelling. Kaitlyn has grown up with the unspoken expectation of sending timely Thank You cards whenever appropriate.
This week John and I received an amazing Thank You card from Kaitlyn’s boyfriend.
It wasn’t expected, but it really meant a lot to us that he took the time to buy a card and write a personal message in it for us. He is definitely a keeper – and it made me decide to amend the dating rules we have for her:
No criminal record.
No mental defects.
Must respect you.
Sends out Thank You cards.

So, for everyone else – what are you waiting for? Start now. Buy a box of thank you cards and send them out to people who gave you Christmas gifts. They don’t have to be elaborate or lengthy – go for simple and sincere. Lead by example for your kids – why not write out a Thank You card for your son(s) and/or daughter(s) in recognition of something they have done. Imagine the impression that would make on them.
This may not be the best example. Honesty is not always the best policy. Be genuine AND kind.

Nothing makes me prouder than receiving a Thank You card from Kaitlyn – especially ones that she sneaks into my suitcase for me to unsuspectingly find.

Need a New Year’s Resolution for 2014?
Start sending out Thank You cards!


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