Yelapa is a small fishing village with history dating back to the early 1600’s. Yelapa means “gathering place” – which is interesting, as it isn’t accessible by land.
To get there, we took a trip in a panga (small boat) captained by a local fellow named Pancho from Boca de Tomatlan.
Puerto vallarta 13-14 091
Our tour took us South around Banderas Bay. The scenery on the way to Yelapa was breath-taking – lush green jungle across the mountains rolling down to the craggy shoreline.
Puerto vallarta 13-14 014

Puerto vallarta 13-14 015

Puerto vallarta 13-14 016

The village of Yelapa has 1500 native residents, but tourists looking for a day-trip from Puerto Vallarta are becoming part of the norm. It’s a relaxing place to get away from the crowds and the noise.
We hiked up from the dock through the village to a waterfall. The recent rain was evident in the surrounding foliage and in the temperature of the water. No one was brave enough to venture in.
Puerto vallarta 13-14 032

Puerto vallarta 13-14 029
Puerto vallarta 13-14 033

The trail to the beach took us down cobbled streets. There are no cars in Yelapa – locals walk, ride horses, and recently a few have acquired ATVs. Electricity arrives by wire, and supplies come by panga.
Puerto vallarta 13-14 057

Puerto vallarta 13-14 068

Puerto vallarta 13-14 069

Puerto vallarta 13-14 070
Puerto vallarta 13-14 077

Puerto vallarta 13-14 078

Puerto vallarta 13-14 088

On the trip home, Pancho stopped the boat in a little cove for some of the others to snorkel. The fish were amazing.

Puerto vallarta 13-14 102



beautiful scenery & delicious food & great company = wonderful memories

Puerto vallarta 13-14 097
Gotta love Mexico – our boat captain toasted us with Tequila. When we reached shore and went to board the city bus back to Puerto Vallarta – our bus driver offered cheers to us with a the can of Corona he was drinking.


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