Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex: a persistent, large-scale cyclone located near one or both of a planet’s geographical poles.(Wikipedia)
polar vortex

polar-vortex 2

It is essentially an ARCTIC HURRICANE – and most of North America has been suffering from extreme brutal winter conditions. Outside, exposed skin will freeze in a matter of minutes. Schools have closed, flights are cancelled, waterlines burst and vehicles refuse to start.
life is cold

Record breaking low temperatures have been recorded across the country – at one point, Winnipeg was as cold as Mars.
We are in Hawaii for a bit, but I am sympathizing with everyone trying to cope with the intense cold.
I searched the internet for some helpful tips to surviving winter:
1. Buy a coat and don’t take it off. Buy another coat and wear it too.
2. Put on your long underwear. Apparently bubble wrap makes an equally good insulator, so for all you crafty Moms – imagine how cool your kid would look wearing a bubble wrap ensemble to school.
3. Alcohol is always ok in winter. It is perfectly acceptable to put Bailey’s liquor on your Special K in the morning if it warms you up. A flask becomes a fashion accessory.
4. Have a beach party. Crank the thermostat in your home up to 30 degrees, and put on some shorts & flip-flops. Pina Colada anyone?
5. Don’t go outside until spring. Fresh air is over-rated. If the inclination to leave the house hits you, take a deep breath and wait a couple of minutes – hopefully the urge will go away.

Stay warm everyone!

winter poem


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