Kick-Start 2014

John: So do you think you will ever take up jogging?

I knew where this conversation was going, so I kept my head down; my eyes averted; and pretended not to hear him.
If nothing else, he is persistent.
But the answer is still NEVER.


I know he means well, but John and I have differing philosophies about staving off the effects of aging. He runs to exercise his body. I play Scrabble and Sudoku to exercise my brain. So more that likely, we will be “that couple” in the retirement community:
John goes for a run, but can’t remember his way home.
Laurie knows he is missing, but can’t get her 200 pound body up out of the wheelchair.

One year ago, I wrote a post about my decision to start exercising.

That resolution has been a monumental failure.
I still have the running shoes – they look like new.

Runners say that shoes break down every 500 miles and need to be replaced. At my current athletic tempo – these shoes will last another 24 years.

So rather than outright lie and say I am going to exercise, I am committing to kick-start my way to healthier living in 2014. Every week, I will post about different aspects of well-being – including physical fitness.



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