Wordless Wednesdays

I have received some emails asking why I haven’t posted about being Hawaii – where we have gone and what we have seen?
When John and I chose to spend 2 months in Oahu, we made the decision that our “vacation” was over. We were simply going to “live” for the next 60 days. Daily routines have replaced our wanderlust (for now). We shop locally on the North Shore for what we need. My excitement last week was going to Walmart.

There is a little stand down the road from our condo where I go every day for fruit.
Oahu 031
Oahu 033Oahu 032

In saying this, I do realize that the scenery is beautiful and not to be taken for granted. So for the next few weeks, I will be posting pictures of the sights that I have photographed. For others to view, but also for us to have a record of it in years to come. Simple images with no/minimal commentary.
Wordless Wednesdays.
Oahu 016

Oahu 025

Oahu 026

Oahu 020


One comment on “Wordless Wednesdays

  1. K says:

    sorry to burst your bubble but any location outside of Winnipeg = a vacation.

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