Thanks to my nephews, I think I have found my exercise niche. And no – it isn’t Hula dancing as is so popular in Hawaii. You won’t be seeing me in a grass skirt any time soon. I mean hula-hooping! Wyatt received a weighted hula-hoop for Christmas, and so I did some research on it. Surprisingly, Hula Hooping has a number of fitness benefits:

1) Tones your body: hula hooping strengthens many of your body’s core muscles. Builds better posture.
2) Increases fitness level: hula hooping improves your endurance and burns calories.
3) Improves your coordination: hula hooping requires a certain degree of rhythm and flexibility.

It can be done at home on your own schedule, no special exercise clothing or footwear is required. Perfect for me (I can hula hoop in my pajamas and bare feet) – so I bought a weighted sports hoop. It is a 3 pound ACU HOOP – made of soft foam with wavy ridges (they are supposed to stimulate and tone your muscles).
hula hoop 002
hula hoop 003
hula hoop 004

A bonus feature of the Acu Hoop is that it is consists of 8 sections which clip together, so it can easily be disassembled and transported when travelling.
hula hoop 001

I have been using my Acu Hoop for almost a week, and I have to say that it is a surprisingly effective work-out. Thanks to Rhett – I have his hockey practice soundtrack on my laptop (gotta love Rasputin by Bony M). I put the music on, and hoop for twenty to thirty minutes, twice a day. I definitely don’t have a six-pack (and likely never will) but have noticed my stomach muscles are tighter. They were sore for the first couple of days, but that has subsided. I would suggest that you make sure you have enough space – the weight of the hoop will do some damage if it hits furniture (or knocks down a small child).

If you are interested, this is the website that I ordered my hoop from.


One comment on “HULA

  1. Leesa D says:

    This looks fun! But I think the workout for me in this would be constantly squatting down to pick up the hoop ;). I’ve never been good with a hula hoop…

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