She’s a Cynomaniac

Cynomania(definition): an intense or extreme love of dogs

Scrolling through my on-line photo album, I noticed that a large percentage of the pictures are of TILA.
Kaitlyn frequently sends pictures and updates to let us know how they are doing.
I am no canine expert, but I would say Kaitlyn is definitely obsessed with TILA. Not in an unhealthy way, but I did think that it would be prudent to blog about levels of dog infatuation.

To self-assess, I have put together a short quiz you can complete to determine whether you might be afflicted with Cynomania:

Do you dress your dog in clothes to match with your outfit?

Does your dog have a larger wardrobe than many of your friends?

Does your dog have fashion accessories?

Do you believe your dog is intelligent? Smart enough to be your study-buddy?

Do you try to mind-meld with your dog?

Do you take your dog on vacation with you?

Do you make sure your dog eats top quality food and snacks, despite any limitations on your budget (such as being a student)?

Do you celebrate holidays with your pet?

Do you take so many photos of your dog, that she strikes a “model pose” whenever she sees a camera or phone?

Does your dog have a designated spot of their own in your house, for alone time when they want it?

Do you let your dog sleep on you, regardless of how uncomfortable you are?

Do you and your dog share similar facial expressions?

If you answered YES to:
3 or less questions: You like your dog, but honestly “it’s just a pet”.
4 to 8 questions: You are definitely a dog person.
9 to 11 questions: You are unequivocally devoted to your dog.
12 questions: There is a high probability that you are a Cynomanic.


3 comments on “She’s a Cynomaniac

  1. Thompson-Hudon, Lois says:

    May be best if I don’t answer.

  2. Amy Addison says:

    Hahahha. Maks is lucky he isn’t a girl or his wardrobe would be much larger.

  3. Jennifer says:


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