My Fitness Pal

No – I haven’t made a new exercise friend. Since I am striving for a healthier lifestyle, fitness gurus advise that a food journal is beneficial. John and I do try to eat nutritionally balanced meals most some of the time, but I am not a calorie counter – I love junk food.

My Fitness Pal is a smartphone/iPad app that tracks both a person’s calorie intake and their exercise routine. It is extremely easy to set up and use. You enter your height, weight, fitness level and whether you want to lose or maintain your existing weight. The app figures out an appropriate daily caloric intake for your individual situation. Throughout the day, you enter the specific exercise you do, intensity and the minutes you spent exercising. These calories burned are added to the total number that you should eat in the day.
As you enter the foods and portion sizes that you eat for each meal, My Fitness Pal tracks the consumed calories as a balance compared to your goal. It even tracks the amount of water you drink in a day.

I have been using My Fitness Pal for a week, and it is very easy to operate. The awareness factor for me has been very beneficial. Every night I snack on microwave popcorn with my can of Pepsi – now I verify with My Fitness Pal to ensure that I have sufficient calorie balance at end of the day to do so. If not, I recognize that I will either have to go without supper, or hula-hoop for another 30 minutes.



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