Amazon Really Doesn’t Know Me – Harvest Trilogy Book Review

Last summer I broke down and bought myself a Kindle – hauling books around was just getting too cumbersome. I love “real” books, and shopping for them has always been a favorite pass time – I could spend hours perusing the aisles of Chapters and Barnes & Noble. With the Kindle, I buy books on-line from Amazon, many based on referrals given to me. A few weeks ago, I downloaded a book called “Food Politics – What Everyone Needs to Know” – about the global food situation, famine, world population, GMOs, farm subsidies, etc. I found it highly interesting, so when Amazon sent me an email suggesting that I might enjoy the novel “Season of The Harvest” by Michael Hicks – I thought why not? In fact, Amazon was offering me a special price if I purchased the Harvest trilogy. How could I pass that up? Three novels about genetically modified food were downloaded to my Kindle. Amazon forget to mention that in these books the GMO – grain, was being used as a vehicle for shape-shifting aliens known as Harvesters to take over the world. Obviously Amazon really doesn’t know me – I am into zombies not aliens.


In all honesty, the books weren’t horrible. Sci-fi action and adventure, with engaging characters and a decent plot. Without disclosing too much, this might also be a good series for cat-lovers.

Season of the Harvest – book 1
Bitter Harvest – book 2
Reaping the Harvest – book 3

So, I won’t be requesting a refund from Amazon, but I will be a bit more mindful about accepting future book suggestions.



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