Honolulu – Pearl Harbor & Bad Boys

After hanging out on the North Shore for the past 6 weeks, John and I decided to spend a couple of days in Honolulu. We each chose an outing – John’s choice was to visit Pearl Harbor. The island of Oahu was the site of the Japanese attacks on December 7, 1941 – and led to the USA fighting in World War ll. Over 2400 Americans were killed at Pearl Harbor. The site of Pearl Harbor displays exhibits, memorials and museums. We took a walking tour of the USS Missouri – the last battleship commissioned by the US – and the site of the Japanese surrender which ended World War ll.
pearl harbour 006

pearl harbour 008

pearl harbour 009
The USS Missouri was commissioned in 1941, and carried nine 16 inch Mark 7 guns – which could fire 2700 pound armor-piercing shell at targets over 20 miles away. It is 887 ft long, and carried up to 2700 sailors.

pearl harbour 020

pearl harbour 022
pearl harbour 049

After World War ll, the USS Missouri was called into action for The Korean War and then the Gulf War. In 1998, this ship was designated part of the reserve fleet, and was donated to Pearl Harbor to be operated as a Museum. Tourists are able to tour the entire boat. Going below deck was pretty claustrophobic – state and bunk rooms were unbelievably small.

pearl harbour 036

pearl harbour 042

pearl harbour 043

pearl harbour 064

pearl harbour 057

pearl harbour 062

Touring the USS Missouri was a very eye-opening experience.

I chose for us to attend a dance performance – Rasta Thomas’ BAD BOYS OF DANCE. The troupe was made up six male dancers & one pretty girl (as the brochure touted). I should clarify – this was not a Chippendale’s type of performance – though there were lots of bare chests. The dancers are all extremely talented, and many trained classically. The show was a fusion of various types of dance – set to a modern soundtrack.





An amazing performance for a diverse audience.


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