It’s So Frickin’ Cold!

Arriving in BC from Hawaii was tough. The temperature was around -5 and there was some snow on the ground. I wore layers and got somewhat acclimatized to winter. Until I flew into Winterpeg! -30 with piles of snow. My many layers of clothes aren’t working – I’ve borrowed a coat, boots, and mitts from Kaitlyn, but I dread having to go outside. It’s taking a toll on me:
My nose is continually running, and is red & sore from being wiped.
I have developed a persistent hacking cough with sore throat.
My skin is so dry, I can literally see my tan flaking away.
I’ve already slipped once, damaging my tail-bone.
And I have only been here for 4 days!
I have never been cut out to survive winter, and after being away, I have a new-found respect for each and every soul who lives on the Canadian Prairies (though I do question your sanity). It is just too frickin’ cold!



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