Oh, Brother!

My brother Scott thinks that this blog is extremely reflective of my life – boring! He doesn’t want to read about my hula-hooping, books I’ve read, or the size of my underpants. So I thought I would punish reward his honesty by making him the topic of this post.
Scott is 4 years younger than me and over a foot taller – something that always intrigues his kids: “how can you be older than our Dad when he is way bigger than you?” I began telling Wyatt and Rhett that the reason was because their Dad ate all the food when we were younger. That’s why he kept growing and I stayed short. image
He was a chubby baby. (Don’t my sister Karen and I look lovely in plaid? Seems it was fashionable in the 70’s).

Over the next 20 years, there were many memorable incidents – like the time my sister Karen and I locked ourselves in a bedroom and phoned our Grandma Marshall to come save us because Scott was chasing us with a knife (it was a butter knife, but that sort of dilutes the drama of the situation). In 1980, our Mom took us on a summer road-trip vacation through the Blackhills. We stopped to do a hike to see the paint-pots (bubbling craters of coloured mud) despite the scorching heat. Scott decided we were much too slow, so he proceeded to race through the 2 mile hike. What he forgot was that Karen and I had the drinks, and Mom had the keys. We finished the tour to find Scott sitting on the ground in the minimal shade of the locked car. He was not impressed. The one incident that Scott never lets me forget is when he was 13 and he crashed his motorcycle. I refused to take him to the hospital because the accident was a result of his own recklessness. Apparently I must have believed that pain and suffering would build his character.

When Kaitlyn was born – Scott adored her and would have done anything for her (and still would).
When she was 2 years old, I had to spend a week in Winnipeg for my job. John was away working in Northern Ontario, and my parents were travelling. I was stuck for childcare – until Scott volunteered. He was attending University of Manitoba – and offered to skip classes to watch Katy during the day. So he came to the hotel every morning to pick her up, and he brought her back every afternoon. I appreciated his help, and the fact that my child suffered no physical or psychological damage.
Or not much….
Returning home, Kaitlyn was extremely proud to tell everyone that she had learned to spell Uncle Scott: G-O-D. Nice.
Then there was also the fact that she suddenly found it hilarious to moon people – indiscriminatingly flashing her bare butt at everyone, everywhere. It was pretty much 6 months in the time-out chair before these mooning incidents were curbed.
These days, when Scott complains to me that his kids misbehave because I spoil them, I know that all is right with the world. What goes around, comes around & he should just be grateful that Wyatt & Rhett’s bad behaviour doesn’t involve dropping pants to put asses on display.
As surprised as many people were with my parenting decision to leave a toddler in the care of a frat boy, just as many were shocked to learn that the RCMP were voluntarily permitting Scott to carry a weapon.
I have not personally seen Scott in action as a police officer, but other family members have. He intervened in a bar fight during my Grandpa’s 85th birthday celebration (outsiders – none of our clan were involved in this particular brawl).
I believe that Scott’s success as a law enforcement officer is due in large part to his expressive personality.

This is Scott when he is happy.

This is Scott when he is angry.

This is Scott when he is upset.

This is Scott when he is scared -Rhett informed me that his Dad is NEVER scared.

Scott calls this his “Game Face”. I say it is more of a hostile resting face. Whatever – as long as it works.

But there’s more:

image Scott loves his family and would do anything for them (including teaching the fine art of mooning).

image No matter what, Scott will always have your back (unless you are on vacation, and he decides he has to race past you to finish first.)

image In case of emergency, call Scott. He handles stressful situations extremely well. I always told Kaitlyn that if she ever got arrested – phone Uncle Scott. I won’t bail you out, but he might. (I believe his nerves of steel are the result of plenty of sisterly torture).

And because I am such a dedicated sibling, I found a way to make his job a bit easier – an uncomplicated law enforcement handout.


Now he can’t say I never do anything for him!


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