In the Blink of an Eye

One of my favorite quotes is “the days go slow but the years go fast.”
Probably because there is so much truth to it. We tend to wish our youth away, and unfortunately most of us don’t realize how precious time is until we have children of our own.

I received this photo in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
(I am seated second from the right)

The lady who sent it, was my Kindergarten teacher. I am extremely fortunate to have stayed in touch with her. When I last went to visit, she inquired whether I had received the picture? I confirmed that I had, and then she questioned if I knew why she had sent it? I guiltily admitted that I wasn’t sure. She gleefully proceeded to tell me that September 2014 was the class’s 40th anniversary! Symbolic because we were the inaugural first Kindergarten class at McAuley School. I was amazed listening to her recount stories about our class – who was friends with who, which children were chatterboxes, and whose Mom always packed the best lunches. She remembered so much that it was hard to believe it was four decades ago.

Looking at the picture also reminded me of when Kaitlyn started Kindergarten. Our farm had an unusually long lane, and so I decided I would drive her down to meet the bus. For the first couple weeks of school, we drove down the lane, and I would hold her hand and walk her up to the door of the bus. As she boarded, I would chat with her bus-driver. It didn’t take Kaitlyn very long to figure out that she could cross the road herself – I stood at the end of the lane with her but she no longer needed me to hold her hand. By October, she requested that I stay inside our vehicle. It was difficult to see her growing up so quickly, but I grudgingly sat there with my seatbelt on – waving wistfully to the bus-driver. Katy was making friends and developing self-sufficiency. I drew the line though when she requested that I duck down and hide when the bus came. Really? Who was going to believe that a 5-year-old drove herself to meet the bus? After some negotiations, we compromised on me parking a short way back from the corner.

Kaitlyn’s first day of Kindergarten was 17 years ago, and yet I remember it like yesterday. Seeing your child grow up is a double-edged sword: you want your child to become independent, but realizing that you are no longer the centre of their world is bitter-sweet. The time goes by so quickly – almost in the blink of an eye. One moment they are starting Kindergarten, and before you know it they have become adults. My advice: Enjoy every minute of their childhood, because the years go fast.


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