Light It Up Blue

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day!

Light It Up Blue is a global initiative to raise awareness of Autism. Famous & historical landmarks in over 600 cities around the world will be illuminated with blue lights to show support for those with autism.

I urge you to endorse this project by purchasing a blue light bulb from Home Depot for your house, or wearing blue on Tuesday in recognition of this meaningful campaign.

The CDC now estimated that one in sixty-eight children have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)-1 out of 189 girls and 1 out of 42 boys. Early diagnosis and intervention is critical – societal awareness of this disorder is essential. Funds are needed for more research on the disorder, and to provide necessary services for children afflicted with ASD and support for their families. Autism is being a worldwide crisis – and it doesn’t discriminate.
How long before it affects someone close to you?

winnipeg 046

Light It Up Blue on April 2 and visually demonstrate your support of those with autism.


One comment on “Light It Up Blue

  1. Corri says:

    Nice picture!

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