For some people – WORK is a four-letter-word

In December 2012, the company I work for graciously extended me a leave of absence so that John and I could embark on our trip across Canada. It was always my intent was to return to my job after travelling – location and position to be determined.

So now that we have settled in BC, I have returned to work. And I am surprised/shocked/puzzled by comments that people make about my working. Friends, colleagues, neighbors and virtual strangers ask:
Why would you ever want to go back to work?
Are you crazy?
Do you need the money?

None of the above (though the question about sanity might be debatable some days.)

When I first started working, I said that the day I didn’t like my job was the day I would start looking for a new one.
I stayed in that position for 18 years – and the time flew by.
I am good at what I do, and the company I work for has outstanding benefits and pay.
But it’s more than that – it’s the people.

People I work with – we started out as co-workers but became friends. I missed that co-worker contact while we were travelling. Some of my closest friends are co-workers, and despite the distance now – we still stay in touch. It was a pleasure to go to work each day.

I have had amazing managers throughout my career – and I still seek the advice of many of them. They believed in me, challenged me to be more and give my all, and stretch outside my little bubble to achieve and succeed. They are mentors who have garnered my highest respect and admiration. The affect each of them had on my life (personally and professionally) was profound and I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to work under the direction of these extraordinary individuals.

The customers I dealt with made the job so enjoyable. Different backgrounds, enterprises, and demographics – but all with a common commitment to agriculture. After 18 years working with many of the same clients, their success became my success. My proudest accomplishment is also one of my more selfish endeavors – the Ambassador Group. This is a group of progressive individuals who meet to discuss agricultural issues. My contribution was simply the introduction of them to each other. What I gained was their sharing of knowledge – within the group and with me. They became trusted advisors, invaluable consultants and good friends. They are all exceptional people, and I feel very fortunate to know each of them.
I believe that many Agricultural producers under-estimate the importance and the complexity of what they do each day. THEY FEED THE WORLD.

The Financial Post recently ran an article about Amazon’s “Pay to Quit” program. In essence – once a year, Amazon offers its warehouse employees a cash incentive of up to $5000 to quit. The goal is to encourage employees to consider their employment future. Amazon’s rationale is that successful employees are those people who are happy in their jobs.
I truly believe this.

Tomorrow, I start a new position within the corporation I work for.
It’s scary but it’s also exciting. I am looking forward to the challenge.
And I guess that is the answer to the question “Why do you want to work?”

Because it makes me happy.


One comment on “For some people – WORK is a four-letter-word

  1. Roland Kirouac says:

    For one, I am fully supportive, Laurie. As always, you will do a great job.

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