S–t My Husband Says volume Vllll

“Really? How Old Are You?”  A rhetorical question, and yet there are many a situation when all I can do is ask it and shake my head in wonder and disbelief.
John and I have been doing a fair bit of hiking (and by fair bit – I mean once a week). There are some decent trails throughout our community that we can access directly from our lot. The paths are maintained to the extent of removing fallen trees, but the footing can be steep and rocky in many places. Usually I find a branch along the path and use it to give myself some stability. So this weekend, we were out for a short hike, and I mentioned that I think we should purchase walking poles.

I have been doing some research and it shows that the use of a walking pole improves balance, reduces the risk of falls, and improves endurance, energy and posture. All qualities that I can use help with.

John: “Great idea – then we can have sword fights!”

Laurie: “Really? Tell me again how old you are.”
John: ” And in the event of a bear attack – we can use the poles as a defense weapon.”


Laurie: “Let’s just forget about the walking poles – they aren’t to be used by persons under the age of 8.”


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