Play Ball Mother Nature

In light of the flooding across Manitoba and Saskatchewan, I decided not to post any photos for Wordless Wednesday this week. Friends have been sending me pictures of the shocking conditions across the Prairies. Families have been stranded as roads are washed out and highways were closed. Crops are under water, livestock has perished, and communities have been evacuated. What amazes me is how stoic people are able to remain. They recognize that the flooding is neither permanent nor terminal. It was an unpreventable act of nature. An unfortunate set-back from which they will rebound and rebuild. There is a dignified, unspoken optimism that everyone will recover and move forward.

Today in an email, my friend Kathy concisely summed up the state of affairs. She quoted a mutual friend whose mantra is “Mother Nature Always Bats Last“. So true. In this particular situation, I would be tempted to say the following declaration might also be applicable: image Please know that I admire your strength, your fortitude, your commitment, your positivity and your unbreakable spirit. Mother Nature might have tried to hit a home run, but each of you is an MVP.  The win will be yours.


One comment on “Play Ball Mother Nature

  1. Lori Harland says:

    Hi, just want to thank you for your great blog. I look forward to reading your latest and greatest words of wisdom or encouragement. Oh yes. And Johns words as well. Keep up the great work.

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