Winfield BC is a small community located mid-way between Kelowna and Vernon.


One block off highway 97 is Kangaroo Creek Farms – an actual kangaroo habitat.  This isn’t a zoo, it is more of a non-commercial reserve- the animals roam freely and are not kept in cages.  Kangaroos, wallabies, cabyberras (large rodents), sugar-gliders, peacocks, emus, goats, and pot bellied pigs.  Staff are found throughout the park to answer questions and to ensure the animals are not being harassed.

Wy and Rhett 302

imageimageimageimageWy and Rhett 256

imageimageWy and Rhett 342 Wy and Rhett 332 Wy and Rhett 318 Wy and Rhett 314

There is no set entrance fee to the Kangaroo park – but a donation of $5 per person is suggested.

Highlight of the park is being able to hold the baby kangaroos.

Wy and Rhett 292Wy and Rhett 295 Wy and Rhett 290imageimage


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