Zombie Run


As a family “bonding” exercise – my brother, my sister-in-law, John and I entered the Zombie run in Calgary. We were Team Batman (thanks Rhett and Wyatt – you were great cheerleaders.) It was a 5 km run with obstacles – all the while trying to avoid zombies looking to steal your “lives”. Each participant was given a belt with 3 flags(lives) attached to it – and the goal of the race for most was to get to the finish line with at least one life left. The goal for myself was just to finish the race – which was perfect as I lost 2 lives within the first minute of the race. They corralled each pool of runners in a holding area, and when the race started – gates were opened and it was a free for all to race through a hoard of zombies. We raced uphill, had to climb over walls, under obstacles and through water and a slime-pit – all while trying to dodge zombies. The final obstacle was a couple of mud holes to wade/struggle through to get to the finish line.








Corri and I finished with no lives – so we received “I Got Infected” medals.

John and Scott both finished with one life each – so they received “Survivor” medals.

I really enjoyed the race – no too competitive – but lots of fun.